to be


Thule Evaluation is a company specialized in the
evaluation of projects, programs, and initiatives.

we judge the quality of our work by its usefulness to our customers

We believe that better decisions can be made when the right information is available at the right time.


Our evaluative approaches are useful, easy to use and simple to understand visually.


Can an evaluative process allow you to make the right decisions for your organization?

what we are:


flexible & creative



of reports
& infographics


how can we help you ?

in guiding you to make strategic decisions

Data analysis

in assisting you to grasp your situation and your impact

We use mixed and participatory methods to ensure real-life results.

We collect all the necessary information in order to enlighten you and thus, facilitate the continuation of your reflections.

Organizational diagnosis




in developing the evaluating culture of your organization

We develop tools adapted to your evaluation process and your context. We use an educational approach (training, personalized coaching) to facilitate the development of the internal evaluative culture.


in enabling your target customers to discover your projects and services

We analyze and simplify the data and information to be disseminated in order to reach the different target audiences. We also produce short reports and infographics in order to facilitate the dissemination of information.

Strategic management

Report creation