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We believe that the best decisions are often made when accurate information is available at the proper time.

Thule Evaluation is a company specialized in the evaluation of projects, programs and initiatives. 


Our evaluative approaches are easy to use and simple to understand visually. We conduct participatory evaluation processes using quantitative and qualitative methods.


For us, usefulness is reflected in every aspect of our work. We are deeply committed to having a quick and accurate understanding of your needs.

We are constantly adjusting according to your context, your strengths, present opportunities, your culture and your constraints.

We are creative and we recommend realistic evaluation methods. Our preferred methods are all participatory methods.

what we can
do together


assist with strategic decision-making

Planning, implementation and evaluation focused on decision support.

  • Use of participatory methods

  • Use of mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative)

  • Summative evaluation

  • Assessment of effects, impacts and benefits.



Creation of a survey with more than 1,000 respondents that led a professional order to make significant internal changes in order to improve the services offered to its members.


program and impact evaluation

Evaluation of projects and programs to know and understand the impacts produced and potentially improve the results achieved.

  • Documentation

  • Formative evaluation

  • Use of mixed methods

  • Use of participatory methods

  • Implementation and pilot project evaluation.



Creation of a logical framework for the coordination process of a municipal action plan. Participatory stakeholder analysis of the realism, feasibility and contribution of the logical framework. Participatory evaluation of the internal monitoring tool used.


training focused on the implementation of the evaluation

noun_Adventure Equipment_1091746.png

data recovery to reach the target audience

Train employees to integrate projects’ results’ evaluation into their practice.

  • Development of tools specific to needs

  • Improvement of internal monitoring tools

  • Pedagogical and participatory approach

  • Training and coaching.



Animation of a workshop on evaluation and production basics of a memo tool for members at the Annual General Meeting of a reference organization in agriculture.

Valuing the data collected during the evaluation and popularizing them to make them accessible to your market target.

  • Data visualization

  • Short reports and concrete infographics

  • Executive summaries

  • Popularization according to the targeted public.



A comparative study of the social benefits of different trajectories of services for troubled youth to help sustain the financing of the second service point of a hostel.

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