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The team behind

thulé évaluation


Thule Evaluation is a company specializing in the evaluation of projects, programs and policies with experts with complementary strengths.

We believe that the best decisions are often made when accurate information is available at the proper time.


MArie-Pierre arsenault - M.Sc

  • LinkedIn Marie-Pierre Arsenault

Founder & Evaluation Advisor

Curious by nature, evaluation allows me to learn constantly about new topics, new contexts and new realities.


I attach great importance to the words used and that is why I specialize in the processing and analysis of qualitative data. My goal is to bring a different and useful outlook into decision making. Popularization and data visualization are two of my favourite tools.


For me, participatory methods make it possible to really involve the stakeholders in the evaluative process and ensure greater use of the results.



beauchesne - M.A.

  • LinkedIn Bastien Beauchesne

Evaluation Advisor

Focusing on mixed methods and approaches that are conducive to collective development, I am passionate about methods and data.


For me, participatory evaluation is a way to think outside the box and experiment with approaches that produce usable, understandable and appealing results.


Having worked as much in the university community as in the associative, cooperative and community sectors, my strength lies in the harmonization of academic rigor, participatory approach and popularization.

The origin of the name of Thule evaluation

The name of the company refers to the time of the great navigators where Thule was a mythical island located at the northernmost point and which every great explorer was aiming to reach.


The idea behind this name reflects upon our vision of evaluation; that of a journey, a collective process to achieve the set goals.


The company stands out particularly in the implementation of participatory and evolving assessments taking place in contexts of social innovation with a high level of complexity.


Beyond technical knowledge, Thule Evaluation's resources adopt an approach designed to allow the greatest possible transfer of evaluative skills.


Our evaluation practice is accessible, collaborative, open and adaptive.

It aims first and foremost to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the essentials for making better decisions in your projects.

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